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I’ve upgraded my role to a higher tier, why isn’t it effective?

Please log out then log in again for the upgrade to take effect.

How do I find a specific kind of Pokémon?

Please go to our Candy page at https://pokedex100.com/candy. Select one or more Pokémon you wish to find. Click done.

Why can’t I see full Pokémon info in the list?

There are many tiers users can choose to view the coordinate lists of Pokémon: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each tier has its own set of available Pokémon.

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Why can’t I find a Pokémon at the given coordinates?

If it ALWAYS happens, maybe your account got some kind of ban from Pokémon GO's server.

If not, this can be caused by a time lag or because the Pokémon has left before your arrival.

In some cases, misinformation can be the cause and you will not find the Pokémon you are looking for, but other Pokémon will be available at that location.

Why are the IV and CP displayed not accurate?

Your trainer must be at least level 30 for our data to be accurate for you.

Why can't I join Pokedex100's Discord?

Follow the steps here to solve your issue.