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About Us

Pokedex100 assists the Pokémon GO gamer community through two main channels:
1) Our official website (https://pokedex100.com/)
2) Our official Pokedex100 Discord server (https://discord.gg/pokedex100)


- The website provides coordinates for Pokémon with high IV and CP in more than 30 countries.

- Users can arrange their Pokémon lists for an easy search for their favorite Pokémon with customizations on each page of the website.

- The home page shows a comprehensive list of Pokémon coordinates, including those for Pokémon with high IV and CP, as well as for rare Pokémon.

- The 100 IV page only displays coordinates for Pokémon with an IV of 100.

- Similarly, the Rare page contains a selective list of coordinates for rare Pokémon.

- The website is regularly updated with new coordinates and functions to help gamers in their quest for those much-loved Pokémon.

Pokedex100 Discord server:

- The Discord community with more than 3,500 active members are spreading useful coordinates of rare Pokémon with high statistics.

- The Discord server has more than 70 separate rooms for the diverse purposes of users. For instance, there are rooms specializing in coordinates for Dragonite, an extremely rare Dragon-type Pokémon, or for Snorlax, everyone’s beloved sleeping giant. There's also a feature in which allows our users to scan at any pair of coordinates. In a brisk amount of time, the user will get a response from our bots of the Pokémon found at that location and their statistics.

- We also have an exclusive VIP server for our beloved donors. With unique donor exclusive coordinates, our VIP server also enables all forms of notifications.

- We are trying our best to beef up those utilities and to develop our line of products to maximize the help for gamers in the search for Pokémon and upgrading them, and to expand the list of powerful and rare Pokémon that everyone can get.